3 Easy Ways Of Feeling Thankful And Blessed

3 Easy Ways Of Feeling Thankful And Blessed

The secret to Feeling Thankful And Blessed in life is not taking things for granted. You might be busy, you might be preoccupied, happy or suffering, but you ought to feel blessed and count your blessings every day. Each passing moment might bring new challenges and lessons and keeping your mind and heart open will only ensure that you will be able to express the right attitude, through both your thoughts and your actions.

Feeling Thankful And Blessed in life begins when you acknowledge that while you might not have it all, you have the means and the possibility to achieve what you put your mind to through hard work.

Feeling Thankful And Blessed

Oftentimes, we take things for granted by regretting the past or waiting for the future. Whether it’s one or the other, our minds are definitely not in the right place. The right and only place to be is the present. That is where you are. And that is where you should be feeling blessed and thankful.

Here are some simple ways to not take things for granted:

Feeling Thankful And BlessedLive in the present. Stop dwelling on the past regrets and experiences or thinking obsessively about your future. Live in the present and start feeling blessed by appreciating what you have.

Notice your surroundings. Every time you step outside, notice your surroundings and Mother Nature’s beauty. Don’t lose sight of the little things and open up your eyes more. Miracles happen if you just pay a little attention.

Help others. It is well said that the road to helping yourself is helping others. Giving back to those who need your help or are more unfortunate can help you realize how lucky you are. You are able to serve those in need, and get a fulfilling feeling which comes from being able to see past yourself and your own needs and desires.

Feeling Thankful And Blessed

There are always ways to Feeling Thankful And Blessed and not taking things for granted. Even if it doesn’t seem possible at times, if you just keep your head in the game and focus on what’s most important in your life, you will be able to always find a way to express gratitude. From smaller to bigger things, you will be able to achieve your goals and dreams only if you start feeling blessed each and every day.


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