5 Surprising Uses for Dried Lavender

5 Surprising Uses for Dried Lavender

Lavender has a distinctive and lovely scent that instantly soothes you. In its dried state you can use it in many different ways. If you still think that dried lavender is only for old ladies, you might want to reconsider. Here are some surprising uses of dried lavender that you can also try:

House freshener. Sprinkle a small handful all over your carpets or floors before you clean. As you begin to sweep or vacuum, the scent will disperse into the air. This will make your vacuum cleaner smell nice, as well as your bin. In fact, putting some lavender inside is a great way of preventing your garbage from stinking up the kitchen.

Sleep aid. If you have trouble sleeping, try to keep a small bag of lavender by your pillow. You can help enhance its effects by adding dried hops to the mix. Chamomile is also very soothing and makes a great combination with lavender. Get creative and make your own blend of herbs that will have you sleep like a baby.

5 Surprising Uses for Dried Lavenderdried lavender

Drawer and shelves freshener. To keep your clothes smelling clean, leave a bag of it in your drawers or closet. Give it a squeeze from time to time in order to release the natural essential oils in it.

Insect repellent. Did you know that you can keep away flies and other insects with dried lavender? Try leaving some near your windows to prevent insects from coming in. This trick is useful for farmlands.

Use it in food. Not every type of lavender is fit for this, however. If you plan on using it for cooking, use culinary grade dried lavender. You can make lavender shortbread or an infused tea. Get creative with your cooking and try out new combinations of flavors.

If you are wondering what to do with all that lavender growing in your yard, now you know. Add a touch of freshness to your house by using this wonderful plant.

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