Are Body Armor Drinks Healthy?

Are Body Armor Drinks Healthy?

BodyArmor SuperDrink is a type of sports drink with a high content of electrolytes and vitamins. Athletes generally consume it in order to enhance their athletic performance. However, are Body Armor drinks healthy? Find out more information in the article below:

Are Body Armor Drinks Healthy?Are Body Armor Drinks Healthy

This is a sports beverage that launched in 2011. The beverage contains two point five times as many electrolytes as other sport drinks. At the same time, Body Armor drinks are also low on sodium. According to a Forbes article published in 2014, Kobe Bryant invested around 6 million dollars in the producing company.

After some research, we found out that BodyArmor managed to earn about 10 million dollars in revenue in just a year. Gatorade and Powerade are currently two of the main competitors in the industry. Apparently, BodyArmor plans on outselling both of them in the future.

The drink offers a high nutrient content and more antioxidants, as well as five more electrolytes. The company currently markets seven flavors, including: Fruit Punch, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry and Orange Mango.

Are Body Armor Drinks Healthy?

If your child participated in sports events and you consider buying this for them, you should reconsider. For children, usually a banana and some water is just what they need. For workout that last less than an hour, fruits and water will do the trick. Low intensity workout do not warrant a sports drink either.

One downside of these drinks is the misleading portion size. A bottle of this drink is for individual use, but it contains two servings. Even the nutrition facts panel tells you the information for a singular serving. This is misleading, considering that you will drink two servings.

In addition to this, there are 9 teaspoons of sugar per bottle. Also, most of this sugar is added, not occurring naturally. When you eat an apple or an orange, you also get fiber along with the sugar. In the case of sports drinks, you get only empty calories.

To sum up, the bottom line of this issue is: consume these drinks moderately. From time to time, during strenuous activity, there is no harm to be done.

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