Beauty Routine That Can Harm You

Beauty Routine That Can Harm You

We all have various methods to pamper ourselves and to take care of our skin, hair and nails. However there are certain beauty practices that do more harm than good. A good beauty routine should be one that has good lasting effects on your body. If you want to know which steps from your beauty routine can prove harmful continue reading:

Beauty Routine That Can Harm Youbeauty routine

Taking frequent bubble baths. As relaxing and nicely smelling as they may be, bubble baths can prove to be damaging to your skin. Because of the substances used in them, bubble baths can dry out your skin. The oils from your skin can be stripped away if you take too frequent baths with bubbles, therefore be careful.

Buffing your nails. We know that this is a procedure that you need before applying nail polish. However, if you include it too frequently in your beauty routine it can damage your nail bed. If your nails are fragile you might want to go easy with the nail buffing.

Frequent exfoliation. Everyone needs to get rid of dead skin cells from time to time. This cleans your skin and improves blood circulation. However, if you are doing this daily it is time to stop. You can irritate your skin through this procedure.

Beauty Routine That Can Harm You

Cutting your cuticles. This is something that you should avoid doing as much as possible. It can damage your nails and weaken their protective layer against bacteria. Try to apply a cuticle oil on them from time to time. All you have to do is push back your cuticles gently when applying nail polish and it’s enough.

Styling your hair. This is a beauty routine that every woman has. Unfortunately your hair has to suffer tremendously from this treatment. Give your hair a break from styling every one in awhile. In addition to this, you can also use heat-protective serums on your hair when styling it for an extra layer of protection.

In conclusion, these little things from your beauty routine can actually damage your skin, hair and nails. Make sure not to overdo it in anything that you do. Every beauty treatment should be done in moderation.

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