How to Use Chasteberry for PCOS

How to Use Chasteberry for PCOS

The chaste berry is a herb that has been used for centuries throughout Europe, especially for treating hormonal imbalances. Using chasteberry for PCOS is an effective remedy for women who do not menstruate or ovulate. Lots of these problems have a connection to insufficient progesterone during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. In addition to this, some women that suffer from PCOS have too much prolactin, which can inhibit their fertility.

Chasteberry has a positive effect on the hypothalamus glands inside of your brain and it increases the luteinizing hormone production. The result is a shift in the estrogen to progesterone ratio. This master glans is no bigger than a pea at the base of your brain. However, its role is pretty important. It can regulate growth and development of all the other endocrine glands.

How to Use Chasteberry for PCOSHow to Use Chasteberry for PCOS

First and foremost, chasteberry is an anti-inflammatory agent. It works on one of the major symptoms of PCOS: inflammation. By reducing the inflammation, one can reduce the symptoms of the hormone imbalances. Chasteberry helps your body to solve this problem. Do not worry, because this plant is not a hormone, nor does it contain hormones. It is gentle and takes effect slowly in contrast to a hormone prescription. In the case of the latter, the immediate impact on your organs will not be a pleasant one. In addition to this, chasteberry does not have the side-effects that hormones do.

Chasteberry is a natural supplement and you can take it orally, in either pills or in tea. The pills provide a more accurate dosage that you can keep track of. On the other hand, the tea provides a calming ritual in your daily routine. There is still lots of research going on when it comes to using chasteberry for PCOS. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that it works extremely well.

All in all, you can give this natural treatment a fair chance. We do advise you to talk to your doctor beforehand, to make sure that everything is alright.

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