Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

If you live in Europe, you should consider visiting these cities. Many of them are very beautiful with tons of landmarks. These are the best Cheap Places to Travel in Europe:

Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

Sofia, Bulgaria is a fantastic bargain among European capitals. The centre of this city which waits for foreign tourists. You can visit this capital very cheap. For example, a 3* hotel costs $11.45 and includes breakfast. Also, public transportation is very cheap, only $1. Furthermore, an average day in Sofia can costs you only $17+hotel expenses.

Bucharest, Romania is not the most charming town in Romania. But, the Old Town has decent reviews and the prices are quite low. Also, the Huge Parliament Building is worth a look if you are nearby. The best cheapest hotel in Bucharest will cost you $8/night. Also, a good meal costs less than $10. So, you can exceed $30 daily if you travel with public transport.

Budapest, Hungary. In this capital you can travel and visit across the Danube River. This splits the city in two. There are many good hostels around this city. The prices are very close to the Bucharest. Many of the tourist attractions are along the river and you can visit them very easy. A day in Budapest should cost you under $35 daily.

Istanbul, Turkey. Even if this is not a capital, you can visit this amazing city very cheap. There are hostels from $8/night, and you can find dozens of places to eat. Also, there are many markets, mosques and attractions. You need some time to visit this great city. You can live and visit Istanbul with less than $40 daily.

As you see, there are many Cheap Places to Travel in Europe. For a pleasant travel you can search best things to visit before leaving home. Also, you can look for best locations around your hostel and how to get there.

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