2 Recipes of Coriander Juice for Weight Loss

2 Recipes of Coriander Juice for Weight Loss

Coriander has a number of health benefits from treating indigestion, blood sugar levels, menstrual problems and many more. But how can I use coriander juice for weight loss? Let’s find out.

The development of fungus and bacteria in the body results in poor absorption of the nutrients in your gut. This causes inflammation and growth of toxins in the body, which is one of the causes of weight gain. Coriander juice helps reduce these problems, cleaning out the gut and helping you lose weight. Both coriander and its juice are low in calories and you can add them to your diet without worry.

Coriander Water. There are a number of ways in which you can prepare your drinks at home, with minimum effort. A number of combinations such as coriander and lemon or coriander and cardamom are the most efficient. You can even add a hint of mint for a bit of extra taste. But first, we will stop and look at the most basic recipe: coriander water.

You will need: 1 cup of coriander leaves and 250 ml water.

Chop the coriander leaves finely and then add them into a grinder. Add in the water and then blend them in a grinder until they mix properly. Now you can consume it freely without worry. Make sure to prepare fresh juice every day to gain the maximum of benefits.

2 Recipes of Coriander Juice for Weight Loss2 Recipes of Coriander Juice for Weight Loss

Lemon Coriander Water. By adding lemon to coriander juice you don’t only enhance its taste but also gain more health benefits. Lemon is rich in pectin, which is a substance which boosts fat burning. In addition to this, it also improves digestion and purifies the blood. When you consume it along with lemon, it doubles its beneficial effect on the body.

Chop the coriander leaves finely and then add them to a grinder to get a fine paste. Add in the lemon juice and then mix well. Heat the water in a pan until it becomes lukewarm, then add in your lemon-coriander mix.

These are two of the best recipes of coriander juice for weight loss that are quick and easy to make. Give them a try and see which one works best for you. Feel free to play around with the measurements of ingredients.

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