Cures for a Bloated Belly

Cures for a Bloated Belly

All those holiday meals are starting to take a toll on your stomach. If you also have a case of a bloated belly, we are here for you. We will offer you some tips and tricks to get rid of your bloated belly and feel great again. Always remember that portion control is important during the holidays. Drink lots of water and eat more proteins to have a happy stomach. Until then, here is what else you can do:

Cures for a Bloated Belly

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Never start feasting on an empty stomach. You should eat a filling breakfast or have a healthy snack before you go to a party or family meal. If you are starving, you tend to eat more and quicker, resulting in a bloated belly. You are also tempted to make unhealthier meal choices when you are hungry.

Do not sleep immediately after eating a healthy meal. I am not saying that you have to exercise or move around a lot. However, immediate rest after a hearty meal will leave us feeling bloated and achy. Moderate movement can reduce the feeling of sluggishness and make us more alert. Start washing the dishes or take a walk around your neighborhood.

Mind your carbonated drinks. Drinking lots of coffee or carbonated drinks can happen during a family meal. However, they can contribute to your bloated belly when consumed excessively. Apart from an increased risk of heartburn, you can also upset your stomach. Drink in moderation and you are safe.

Cures for a Bloated Belly

Be careful with your dairy intake. The holidays are filled with dairy-rich products that can cause a bloated belly. A little dairy is good,  but do not exaggerate. Eggnogg, pastries and other desserts can be laden with dairy. Choose your options wisely and do not overdo it.

Make time to exercise. Even thought the holidays can represent a busy period, that is no excuse to be lazy. If you can’t hit the gym, try to walk more or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

In conclusion, you can get through the holiday season without a bloated belly by following these tips. Practice mindful eating and your body will thank you.

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