Depression and Breast Cancer

Depression and Breast Cancer

Depression and breast cancer go hand in hand. Or, actually, this applies to any type of cancer. Some people can become depressed due to the impact that this disease has on one’s life. This can happen during any of the stages of the diagnosis or the treatment. It can even persist after the treatment has finished. Depression is a serious issue, because it is more than just feeling sad every now and then. It does not go away and can interfere with your everyday life.

Breast cancer treatment can wear anyone out. It can make you feel sad, tired and even depressed. The feelings you experience are complex, and they are the result of more factors. These include: your diagnosis and the treatment, aging, hormonal changes, genetics and even your life experiences. Sadness if a natural part of the cancer experience, and it is something you should express.

Allow yourself to be sad and to grieve. Otherwise, these bottled-up feelings will just get in the way of your recovery. Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of the cancer treatment and it can hit you hard. In addition to this, you may experience hot flashes or you can have trouble sleeping. All of these factors contribute to depression.

Depression and Breast CancerDepression and Breast Cancer

If you think that you might be depressed, better talk to your doctor. Together with them you can sort out your thoughts and feelings. You can also try going to an accredited psychotherapist. Therapy will help you feel supported and allow you to say what is bothering you. Antidepressants will help ease your mind and help you feel better.

However, what is also important is finding out what caused your depression. For example, if one of the medicines you take is contributing to your condition, you could switch to another one. When you are depressed, you can feel hopeless, worthless and scared. All of this will make you feel like giving up. Depression and breast cancer do not make a good combination.

In conclusion, seek out help if you feel like you need it. During this difficult period in your life you need all of the help that you can get.

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