Does Aloe Vera Help Stretch Marks?

Does Aloe Vera Help Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when your skin stretches beyond its usual limits. Picture your skin like a rubber band. The elastic fibers in it allow it to stretch. However, when you pull them too far, they break. When this happens, collagen grow in the empty spaces, causing the reddish marks. Now, we all know what a powerhouse Aloe is. But does Aloe Vera help stretch marks?

Aloe Vera gel comes from the Aloe plant. This is a common household plant that we all probably have around the house. You can break the leaves and squeeze out the gel. One of the most common uses of Aloe Vera is for soothing sunburns. You can even find it in juice form and drink it for its anti-inflammatory properties. It works wonders for an upset stomach.

Does Aloe Vera Help Stretch Marks?Does Aloe Vera Help Stretch Marks

Back to our initial issue. Does Aloe Vera help stretch marks or is it a hoax? We know how many products claim to be able to do this and do not deliver. On a scale from 1 to 6, the effectiveness of Aloe for stretch marks is around a 4. Studies show mixed opinions regarding the matter. Some say the numbers are higher, some lower. However, one thing is clear. Aloe Vera is indeed good for your skin.

If you do opt for this type of treatment, there are some recommendations. First of all, you should start using it the moment you notice the appearance of the stretch marks. The sooner you initiate treatment, the better. Because Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties, it will help you reduce the growth of the stretch marks. For it to be effective, apply it at least one a day on the areas.

In conclusion, with a lack of evidence, we cannot say for sure how effective Aloe Vera is. However, no one can contest the fact that it can really help you reduce the aspect of stretch marks. By applying this treatment, your skin condition will improve and the marks will become less noticeable.

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