Dystonic Depression

Dystonic Depression

Both physical and mental health are important for our well-being. Our bodies experience strain and discomfort when we have a physical illness. The same thing applies when we have a mental health issue. We cannot function at full capacity when we are ill. This can happen to anyone, at any point in their lives. One in four people have had a mental health condition at some point in their lives. Today, our topic of discussion is dystonic depression.

Dystonia is a movement disorder. It manifests under the form of uncontrollable muscle movement or contraction. This causes various body parts to twist involuntarily. It can result in repetitive movements and even abnormal postures. Dystonia can affect a single muscle group or even the entire body. This is not such a common condition, it affecting only 1% of the population.

Dystonic Depressiondystonic depression

Depression is a lot more common in people with dystonia. However, this does not mean that it is an acceptable reaction to it. There are many forms of depression, and the symptoms should be evaluated as distinct. They should not be a by-product of a chronic illness or a disability. This is why dystonic depression is not an acceptable term. There is hope and there is help out there, from many sources. You just need to reach for it.

Nowadays there are many treatments for depression. A combination of medicine and therapy does wonders for people. Therapy is a more acceptable treatment and can be even better than medication in some cases. The treatment for dystonia is another issue altogether. That should be addressed separately. If you suffer from it, seek out help from someone that is familiar with people with disabilities.

In conclusion, dystonic depression is something that people with dystonia suffer from. However, there are treatment available for both conditions. Do not lose hope, because there is always a solution to your problems. Seek out specialized help and you are on the right track.

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