Essential Oils for Bipolar Disorder

Essential Oils for Bipolar Disorder

Those that suffer from bipolar disorder have severe mood swings that can impair their daily lives. They can often feel upbeat and burst with energy and then have feelings of hopelessness and lethargy the next moment. This is more serious than the usual ups and downs that normal people experience. Although medicine can help, other prefer more natural means, such as oils and herbs. This is why today we are talking about essential oils for bipolar disorder.

Symptoms of this condition usually appear during teenage years or in early adult life. This means around 15 to 25 years. It can affect both males and females and there is no conclusive evidence that it is genetic. However, there are chances of developing it if one of your immediate relatives also have it. This is a life-long illness that has no cure. But with the proper treatment you can keep it under control.

essential oils for bipolar disorderEssential Oils for Bipolar Disorder

The following essential oils for bipolar disorder are part of Ayurvedic medicine and are often recommended.

Recipe 1. For this you need one drop of sage, 3 drops of sandalwood (which is one of the best Essential Oils For Spiritual Awakening) and one drop of orange.

Recipe 2 consists of 3 drops of bergamot oil one 2 drops of clary sage.

Recipe 3 is with one drop of lavender, one drop of ylang ylang and 3 drops of grapefruit.

Diffuser/ Inhalation. You can use a diffuser for your essential oils mix. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and put in the appropriate amount. There is another method of using the essential oils for bipolar disorder. That is through inhalation. Just choose your favorite recipe and rub the oils on your hands. Place them over your face and inhale the smell. You can even inhale the smell directly from the bottle. However, oxygen can affect the quality of it, therefore don’t expose them to air for long periods of time.

Bath Oils. Add about 15 drops of your preferred oils into your bath and mix it in. Now all there is left is for you to take a soak.

In conclusion, these are the best essential oils for bipolar disorder. Give them a try and find your favorite blend.

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