Essential Oils for Detoxification

Best Essential Oils for Detoxification

If you want a natural body detox, here are the best Essential Oils for Detoxification. Also, you can use Essential Oils for Alcohol Detox or Essential Oils for Drug Detox. Using these oils for body detox can be many times better than any medication on the market. Not only these are natural oils, extracted directly from the plant, but they give you many other benefits.

Essential Oils for Detoxification

Essential Oils for Detoxification

Juniper Oil comes from Juniper berries. These are very good for your body thanks to their antioxidants. Also, these are very often used to treat digestive problems or as diuretics. If you use juniper oil as a diuretic, it will flush out all the toxins and excess water from your body. The latest studies shown that this oil can also take out the excessive amounts of sodium from the body.

Grapefruit Oil. You probably know how much grapefruit helps in a weight loss diet. But what you probably didn’t know is why. Along the many properties that helps the body in numerous ways, it also has detoxing properties. This oil kill viruses in your body, as well as microbes. Also, its diuretic properties help your body to get rid of toxins and waste.

Laurel Oil is another great oil for body detox. Also, it has large amount of antioxidants that help the body in many ways. You can also consume laurel leaves for its benefits. But the Laurel oil is more effective. This oil improves your digestion and helps your body through respiration.

You can use these Essential Oils for Detoxification in many ways. You can apply a couple of drops in a carrier oil, then massage your belly with it. Or, you can pour a few drops in your tea, or a glass of water with honey. If you like their smell, you can use each of these oils as an air dispenser.

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