Facts About Food Addiction

Facts About Food Addiction

Discussions about food addiction are something quite recent. Up until a few years ago, no one actually thought that people could be addicted to food. Alcohol and cigarettes maybe, but food seemed unlikely. However, this is a serious issue that affects a large number of people.

Facts About Food Addictionfood addiction

Some people’s pleasure centers get activated by food, just like they would be by cocaine and heroin. The foods that can cause this are usually rich in sugar, fat and salt. They affect the feel-good chemicals in your brain, such as dopamine. As a result, people experience pleasure while eating certain foods. This leads to developing a food addiction that is hard to cure.

People will continue eating even when they are not full. They do not eat only to nourish themselves. At certain points they also eat to receive pleasure. This is a type of behavioral addiction that a large number or people suffer from.

Food addiction can lead to problems such as obesity. However, even people of average weight can suffer from this condition. Unless treated or addressed properly, they can also start having problems with their weight.

Facts About Food Addiction

Here are some questions to ask yourself and discover if you have a food addiction or not. Do you keep eating even after you are not hungry anymore? Do you worry about not eating certain foods? Can you cut down on certain types of food if needed? Do you go out of your way to obtain a certain product when you crave it?

If the answer to most of these is positive, then you might have a food addiction. It is important to diagnose and treat this problem as quickly as possible. Certain conditions such as depression or anxiety can worsen your symptoms too.

Researchers are still looking for a proper way to treat this problem. Recovery from food addiction is more complicated than other cases of ad. It is easier to stop smoking or drinking alcohol. All that you have to do is avoid them completely. However, the same thing is not possible when it comes to food.


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