Firefighter PTSD Symptoms

Firefighter PTSD Symptoms

In this article we will present the most common firefighter PTSD symptoms that you should not ignore. If your spouse has any of these, then it is a warning sign.

The chair. Does your spouse come home from work and sits in the “vortex chair”? The vortex chair is where they immediately go to when they reach home. Usually, they sit there and switch on the TV or browse through their phone. Try to approach them carefully and see how they react. If they give you their undivided attention, then things are not so bad. However, if they ignore you, it is bad.

The glass test. Imagine your stress level as an empty glass. Normal people will start their day with an empty glass. Under the effect of stress, the glass starts filling. However, in the case of firefighter PTSD, their glass is already ¾ full in the morning.  Watch your spouse carefully and see how their stress levels are each day. Things like loss of temper, tears, storming out are bad signs.

Firefighter PTSD Symptomsfirefighter ptsd

Nightmares. As any other type of PTSD, firefighter PTSD is no different. Due to trauma, they will experience a inability to sleep properly. Therefore, they will take up during the night, mostly due to nightmares. Insomnia is also another symptom of PTSD, because patients are afraid of the nightmares returning.

The I Used To. How often does your spouse say this? I used to swim. I used to go out. And so on. The more often they say this, the more serious the problem is. People with PTSD sometimes experience a lack of motivation towards doing certain activities.

Triggers. It is not uncommon for people that suffer from PTSD to be triggered by certain events. Therefore, if your spouse gets scared by certain noises or occurrences, it is a sign you should look out for.

Take care, because firefighters that experience PTSD also have symptoms related to attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts. The best course of action is to seek treatment, so the symptoms do not get worse over time. Also, try to include yourself in the treatment, so he does not feel alone in his suffering. Do not underestimate the effects of firefighter PTSD on your family because it can have drastic results.

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