Food Cravings Hidden Meaning

Food Cravings Hidden Meaning

Some food cravings are just that, while other point to something else. Whether it’s a vitamins and minerals, glucose, or healthy fats and energy, your body sends you all the necessary signals. What you have to do is open your eyes to them and make adjustments. Food cravings don’t necessarily have to be unhealthy, you can turn them around and snack healthily. In turn, this will help you maximize your efforts and keep on the straight path.

Here are some of the most common cravings and what your body wants:

Chocolate. Chocolate has the effect of making us feel happier. Whenever you are craving it, you turn to a chocolate bar, pudding or candies. What your body wants is magnesium. Important for your brain’s health, magnesium relaxes blood vessels and provides energy. You can easily satisfy this craving by choosing dark chocolate. It’s a healthier alternative and is great if you’re on a diet.

Bread. From sandwiches, soup side, or pizza, bread seems to be easily and comm
only found. But eating to much bread consequently leads to weight gain. What your body wants is amino acids. You will need to supplement them, as your body cannot provide you with all thFood Cravingse necessary ones. You can increase your amino acids by eating more nuts, fish and eggs.

Food Cravings

Coffee. Right when you wake up, or throughout the day, your food cravings might include coffee. What your body wants is energy. That’s why you instinctively reach for your coffee in the morning; and because the effect wears off, you tend to drink coffee all throughout the day. You can get your energy from natural sources like fruits or veggies smoothie, or green tea. You will feel energized and be helped in your weight loss efforts.

Sugar. One of the most addicting food cravings, sugar is found in many market products. Although they might satisfy your sweet tooth, they leave you craving for more. What your body wants is glucose, necessary for keeping your blood sugar in check. You can easily get your glucose intake from fruits; along with it you will also be getting the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber, for a good health.

Fried foods. They might be delicious, but they usually do more harm than good. They smell good and they taste good. But they leave you feeling guilty. What your body needs is healthy fats. This type of fat not only will it make you feel full, but it’ll also help you lose excess fat. You can easily get your healthy fats intake from avocados, nuts, almonds and cashews. Try frying your food in coconut or olive oil for healthier alternatives.

These are some of the most common food cravings. Although they might seem like they are simple cravings, they usually point to a deficiency. Some vitamins and minerals need closer attention and require you to supplement them, be it naturally or by means of pills. Pay attention to the signals that your body is sending you and make sure you get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.


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