Foods to Avoid for Skin Care

Foods to Avoid for Skin Care

Your skin’s health is mostly dependent on your dietary choices. While some foods are good for your skin care, others only worsen any complexion you might suffer from. They cause acne and breakouts and a general unhealthy appearance of your skin. A poor diet that is high in carbs, sugar and fats will damage collagen production and trigger oxidative stress, thus making you look older.

Here are some foods to avoid for skin care:

Candy. High in sugar, candy favors acne breakouts regardless of your age. Sugar degrades the production of collagen and elastin, thus reducing your skin’s softness and elasticity. If you kick the sugar habit, you will see improvements in a matter of days.

Peanuts. High in oil, peanuts increase the oxidation process, which in turn will make you look older and clog your pores so that they are unable to remove toxins. Regardless if you eat them raw or in butters, you will ingest a large amount of aflatoxin, a harmful carcinogenic fungus.

Commercial breakfast cereals. With a high content of sugar and refined flour, commercial breakfast cereals have little nutritional value and stand in the way of you having a glowing skin.

Milk. If an organic alternative is out of your reach, it would be best to cfoods to avoid for skin careurb milk. Studies have shown that the milk on the market is filled with growth hormones and growth factors that remain active and cause inflammation and affect insulin production.

Skin Care

Chips. High in refined carbs, chips will increase inflammation and oxidative stress. Refined carbs are directly responsible for acne breakouts, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Fast food. With a high glycemic index and saturated fats, fast food favors sebum production, acne and blemishes workouts. They impact your overall health and also make your skin lose its elasticity and suppleness.

Margarine. High in trans fat, margarine will increase wrinkles and reduce skin hydration. Switch to organic butter or use coconut or olive oil for cooking.

These foods will directly affect your skin’s health and favor acne breakouts and wrinkles. Your skin care is important and you should not thread it lightly. Stay off these foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and hydrate accordingly.

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