Free Floating Anxiety

Free Floating Anxiety

The term anxiety refers to a mental disorder. However, at its core, anxiety is a mechanism that helps you react against dangerous situations. Without it, you can find yourself in perilous situations without knowing what to do. However, when you experience anxiety with no signs of danger around, then it means you have a disorder. And this is what we mean by free floating anxiety.

There is no specific cause to free floating anxiety. Actually, this disorder goes by other names, too. Doctors sometimes call it generalized anxiety disorder too. There is no difference between these two conditions and their symptoms. They both refer to the anxious state that seems to come and go at random moments.

Free Floating Anxietyfree floating anxiety

Usually, anxiety itself has lots of severe physical symptoms. Lots of people experience more physical rather than mental symptoms. For this reason, they do not even know that their problem is related to their mind. They think that they suffer from something physical.  Free floating anxiety refers to a mental problem. To thoughts that make you feel anxious. The thoughts can be specific, like worrying about getting fired, even though you have no reason to think this. Other times, patients have a feeling like something is wrong. They cannot pinpoint what and are not sure what it is.

The treatment for this condition is similar to those used for other types of anxiety. First of all, you can try cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps patients understand their condition as well as keep their reactions in check. Doctors may even prescribe medication. However, this is only when there is no other option for you. They help induce a feeling of relaxation.

Exercising is another type of treatment that you can try to combat anxiety. It releases endorphins that create a calmer, better mood.  In addition to this, it also helps burn off stress and regulate your hormone levels.

In conclusion, there is hope for people that suffer from free floating anxiety. With the proper treatment, you can keep your symptoms in check.

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