Fried Chicken Wings Nutrition Facts

Fried Chicken Wings Nutrition Facts

Chicken wings are a very popular snack that you can eat in a variety of ways. When you fry them, chicken wings take on a completely different taste. Chicken wings provide an effective source of proteins and have a lower fat content than other meats. However, the frying process negates most of the health benefits you would get from them. Let us look at the fried chicken wings nutrition facts and see the truth:

Calories. The number of calories that you get from chicken wings depends on whether or not you eat the skin and whether or not they have been dipped in batter. From a small chicken wing without skin and without coating you get 81 calories. One that has both the skin and the batter coating will give you around 159 calories.

Fried Chicken Wings Nutrition FactsFried Chicken Wings Nutrition Facts

Proteins. Chicken wings have a high amount of proteins. For example, one chicken wing has between 5 to 9 grams of proteins, depending on its size. They are usually low in cholesterol, and without the batter they are also free of carbohydrates. Chicken wings also contain potassium and iron. However, frying will add excess fat to them, a whole 6.3 grams extra. You can lower that amount by taking off the outer skin layer.

Warning: Eating lots of fried food on a regular basis can lead to obesity, research says. A 2007 showed that body mass, waist circumference and overall weight are higher in people who eat a lot of fried foods.

Labeling. Be very careful because labels can be deceiving. If you want to be healthy then you should pay attention to what you buy. For once, there is no federal category for chemically-free poultry. If the label on the product claims this, there is no telling what it could mean. Secondly, the term cage-free chickens does not always refer to chickens that live outdoors.

In conclusion, pay attention to what you eat and try to live a healthier life, with less fried food.

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