Halitosis Remedies

Halitosis Remedies

Halitosis is usually caused by sulfur-containing compounds, as well as poor oral hygiene. Oral problems can be triggered by poor diet, gum disease or tooth decay. A yeast and bad bacteria overgrowth can start in your digestive tract and cause bad breath. When and if you observe any changes, it’s good to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

Among the top foods for halitosis we can include high fiber foods, water, parsley, citrus fruits and veggies, as well as foods high in probiotics.

Here are some halitosis remedies you can try in the meantime:

Fennel. Acting as a mouth freshener, fennel can help you control bad breath easier. Its antimicrobial properties will fight bacteria build-up in the mouth. All you’ll have to do is chew a tablespoon of fennel seeds. Alternatively, you can drink fennel tea a couple of times a day. In turn, it’ll freshen your breath and stimulate saliva production.

Cinnamon. With essential oils that cover up bad breath, cinnamon also reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth. All you’ll have to do is boil cinnamon powder in water and rinse your mouth as often as you consider necessary.

Halitosis Remedies

Cloves. The antibacterial properties of the cloves will help you eliminate the symptoms of halitosis. All you’ll have to do is chew on a few pieces of cloves. Alternatively, you can boil them into a tea. Drink it twice a day or use it as a mouthwash.

Parsley. With a neutralizing effect, parsley will almost instantly eliminate bad breath. All you’ll have to do is chew on fresh parsley sprig to freshen your breath. Alternatively, make parsley juice and drink it for both your bad breath and slow digestion.

Lemon juice. Due to its acidic nature, lemon juice will eliminate and prevent bacteria growth. Additionally, the strong smell will mask the bad odor. All you’ll have to do is squeeze lemon juice into a cup of water. Alternatively, add some salt to the mixture. Use it to rinse your mouth with it.

These are some efficient halitosis remedies. Maintaining a good oral hygiene will eliminate the risk of bacteria overgrowth. Consuming food that improves your digestive system’s health will also do the trick. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid onions, garlic, fried foods, sugar, and sweetened beverages.

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