The Health Benefits of Dates

The Health Benefits of Dates

As part of a balanced and healthy diet, the health benefits of dates could improve your overall wellness. With a high nutritional value, dates are effective in maintaining eye and digestive health. They contain a significant amount of potassium, as well as oil, calcium, phosphorus and manganese. You can eat just one per day and you will still enjoy the health benefits of dates. They will ensure the necessary intake of sugar, fiber and essential minerals.

Here are some of the known health benefits of dates:
Bone health and strength. With considerable minerals, dates are essential for a healthy bone development. Their benefits protect against bone degeneration and keep away debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis.

Constipation. Considered natural laxatives, they are beneficial for the health of your digestive system. That, because of the high amount of soluble fiber which contributes to regular bowel movements.

Intestinal disorders. The health benefits of dates don’t only improve the health of your digestive system. They also cure many kinds of intestinal disorders. Consuming dates on a regular basis will inhibit the growth of pathological organism and bacteria. In turn, good bacteria will be stimulated and your digestive system’s health will be restored to its good health.the health benefits of dates

The Health Benefits of Dates

Anemia. With a high mineral content, these fruits are good dietary supplements for those suffering from anemia. They balance the lack of iron and efficiently decrease feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

Allergies. The sulfur in their composition makes them good for allergies. The health benefits of dates will positively impact those suffering from seasonal allergies and contribute to thei improvement of your health.

Weight gain. The healthy amount of sugar, proteins and vitamins makes dates efficient in weight loss efforts, also. As part of a balanced diet, they will help you keep your weight at a normal level. The fiber content will keep you satiated for longer periods of time and will prevent you from overeating.

Nervous system health. The essential minerals such as potassium, iron and manganese will improve brain activity. The health benefits of dates will protect neurological degeneration and keep your mind sharp for longer periods of time.

Night blindness. Used as an alternative medicine, dates can fight off various conditions affecting the ears, eyes, and throat. If you were to rub on and around your eyes the leaves of the date palm, you could efficiently reduce night blindness.

These are some of the known health benefits of dates. Consume them in moderation and they will improve your overall health. They will contribute to the good functioning of your brain and health and aid in your weight loss efforts.


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