Healthy Fall Recipes

Healthy Fall Recipes

With all the benefits that seasonal produce has to offer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy fall recipes.

Among the delicious pumpkins, turnips, Brussels sprouts, squash or apples, you can make some healthy fall recipes that are not only rich in antioxidants and fiber, but also have all the right vitamins and nutrients.

Here are some healthy fall recipes that you can try:

Roasted Brussels sprouts with crispy carrots and capers. This recipe has an uniquely delicious flavor from the capers and is filled with vitamin A and beta carotene from the roasted carrots and the Brussels sprouts. This dish is a meal that is low in carbs, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Butternut squash risotto. Among the easiest fall recipes, this risotto will be ready in less than 30 minutes. It is a low calorie dinner options and packs the necessary fiber and protein. PluFall Recipess it’s delicious and easy to do it yourself!

Grilled salmon with golden beet couscous. With easy and healthy ingredients, this recipe provides healthy monounsaturated fats, protein and vitamins. If you are looking for a quick dinner idea, this might be your go-to.

Healthy Fall Recipes

Tuna with jalapeno sour cream. This healthy recipe, ready in just about 20 minutes is rich in protein and Omega-3 healthy fatty acids. The tuna will cook quickly over the grill and for the jalapeno sour cream you can opt for a low-fat version and combine it with lime juice and fresh cilantro as well.

Vegetable salad. If you’re looking for a side dish to go along with one of your favorite fall recipes, a veggie salad might be the perfect choice. Stick to using simple ingredients such as green beans, carrots, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. For a healthy meal, sprinkle them with lime juice and olive oil.

Pear, beet, and Gorgonzola green salad. With an interesting combination of fruits and vegetables, this salad is low in sodium and cholesterol. The pears and the roasted beets will provide a sweet taste, while the Gorgonzola cheese will add an extra creamy taste of your salad.

Beet soup. With potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, beets are good for your heart and improves your overall health. A beet soup is low in calories and fat and just too delicious to resist!

These are just some easy and simple healthy fall recipes that you can try this season. What they have in common is that they are low in carbs and cholesterol, as well as sodium an fats. They offer the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals and contribute to an improving of your overall health. You can consume them as your lunch or evening meals, and even pack them on the go for the office or school.


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