Healthy Snacks for Work

Healthy Snacks for Work

Eating healthy at work is not as easy as it seems. With little time or resources at our disposal, we are often left with the option of unhealthy foods. Also, those treats from the break room seem appealing when you have not eaten in awhile. Sometimes it can be difficult to eat healthily at work without planning ahead. However, before you start buying another donut, here is a list of healthy snacks for work that you can try:

Healthy Snacks for Work

healthy snacks for work

Peanut butter and crackers. Why buy a snack from the vending machine when you can make your own? Ten multigrain wheat crackers and some peanut butter are the perfect nutrient-rich food that you need. This combination offers you enough carbs and proteins to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your hunger in check. Because of the amount of fiber, you will feel sated for longer and won’t need to snack as much either.

Fruits. They are among the first options of healthy snacks for work. Nothing compares to fresh fruit when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. You can get a wide variety, depending on your mood, budget or tastes. Try getting a different fruit option every day for some variety, and change your fruits according to the season. Pair it with a cup of milk and you will get a boost of energy and a healthy dose of calcium too.

Nuts. Now you have no excuse to keep munching on chips at your desk. Trail mix is the perfect choice of healthy snacks for work. Almonds and nuts are packed with magnesium, calcium and vitamin E, being a source of fiber too. Nuts contain lots of heart-healthy fats but be careful because they can be high on calories. Make sure to not eat the whole bag of trail mix during your office hours.

Healthy Snacks for Work

Pita and hummus. You can find mini-pitas in any bakery or supermarket. Use it to scoop up the hummus and you have the perfect treat. You can buy the hummus or opt to make your own, but either way, you get a great source of fiber.

Before you reach for another donut or a packet of chips again, try these healthy snacks for work instead. Each of them has less than 200 calories and they are enough to satisfy your hunger pangs.

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