Henna Tattoo Removal

Henna Tattoo Removal

Henna is a natural dye that is made from the leaves of the henna plant. This substance seeps into the first layer of your skin when you apply it. This results in a semi-permanent stain that can be difficult to remove. Whether you apply it by hand or by a stencil, these henna tattoos last for up to 14 days. This temporary nature of tattoos is very attractive to some people. However, if you are not happy with the outcome or need to remove it fast, it can be a problem. Henna tattoo removal is quite simple. How To Remove Henna? You just need to know how:

How Long Does Henna Last?

The first method is to rub your tattoo with a loofah every day during your showers. However, this process is a slow one.

The second process is to fill a cup with one part water to one part salt. Let it dissolve and then dip a gauze pad inside it. Press it over your henna tattoo and then allow it to sit for about half an hour. Rinse the area with water and then pat it dry. By repeating this process for two to three times a day will make it disappear.

Henna Tattoo RemovalHenna Tattoo Removal

Another method for henna tattoo removal is to saturate a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide. Now use it to rub vigorously at your skin. Continue rubbing until all the henna ink disappears. The process will probably take a couple of minutes. However, this is one of the most effective and fast methods for it.

The last method that you can try is with dish soap. Mix one part dish soap with one part lemon juice and one part baking soda. Apply this mixture to your skin by using a clean washcloth. Scrub at the area until all traces of inks are gone. Again, this might take several minutes.

In conclusion, these are some of the best methods that you can try for henna tattoo removal. Feel free to use any or all of them whenever you need it.

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