Holy Basil for Weight Loss

Holy Basil for Weight Loss

Holy basil is an ancient herb that many people in India have used since ancient times. In Western countries, it gained popularity because it can lower cortisol levels and even help you lose weight. Yes, people use holy basil for weight loss. However, there are not many studies on this issue as of yet. Therefore, always talk to a professional before you begin the cure.

You can find both green and red varieties of holy basil. Both of these versions have a strong and pleasant aroma. Unlike the variety that we know of, holy basil is not any good for cooking. However, Thai cuisine uses it for its strong clove flavor.

Cortisol Levels and Weight Gain

When you are under lots of stress, your body shuts itself down. Or more likely, it shuts down your rest and repair mechanisms and increases your levels of adrenaline. Both cortisol and adrenaline are good for short periods of time. However, when you are constantly under stress, it will lead to weight gain as well as other problems. Many people who suffer from stress start gaining weight due to the high cortisol level in their bodies.

Holy Basil for Weight LossHoly Basil for Weight Loss

Holy basil can lower blood pressure as well as cortisol levels. For this reason, many people use holy basil for weight loss. Along with a healthy diet, it can significantly reduce your cortisol levels in a short period of time. Compared to Siberian ginseng, basil proved to be the best option of the two when it comes to weight loss.

Side Effects and Warnings. Since this herb has been used for centuries, it is mostly relatively safe. However, there are no serious studies on the matter, especially about the long exposure to it. Always talk to your doctor before you start any time of treatment for an extended period of time. Holy basil could slow blood clotting. Therefore, do not take it with medication that also slows blood clotting.

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