Horse Chestnut Cream Benefits

Horse Chestnut Cream Benefits

Horse chestnut refers to a plant and it has a significant amount of a poison named esculin. Therefore, if eaten raw it can even cause death. However, the bark, flowers and seeds of the horse chestnut make great medical remedies. Today we are talking about the benefits of the horse chestnut cream.

The most common uses for this cream are for skin treatments, skin ulcers and lupus. How does it work, exactly? This plant has a substance that can thin blood. In addition to this, it also makes it difficult for fluid to leak out of your veins and capillaries. This promotes fluid loss through the urinary tract, therefore preventing water retention.

Horse Chestnut Cream BenefitsHorse Chestnut Cream Benefits

Most often, people use the horse chestnut cream to treat varicose veins. Among the best benefits this herb can offer is the preventing and removal of inflammation from your body. Research shows that taking chestnut seed extract also works. It can reduce the symptoms of poor blood circulation, leg swelling, cramps and even water retention. Try to find an oil that has between 16% and 20% of aescin in it.

Horse chestnut cream also helps with CVI. This is a condition where the ill-functioning valves cannot efficiently pump blood from the extremities. There are different causes for this condition. However, the most common probably are obesity and deep vein thrombosis. You can identify this condition by the itchiness, swelling, leg pigmentation and varicose veins. The most common treatment for CVI is to wear compressed socks. Just as their name indicates, what these socks do is to compress your veins and arteries.

Studies show that horse chestnut cream has the same effect as the compression socks. It can help contract the veins and arteries and reduce their appearance. At a lower level, the extract in the horse chestnut can inhibit the breakdown of capillary wall proteins. This means that in addition to varicose veins, it also helps with leg cramping.

All in all, horse chestnut cream has lots of benefits when it comes to your leg health. You can also try it to alleviate your conditions.

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