How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship

How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship?

How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship – Insecurities in a relationship can stem from a lot of deep, dark places and can really block you from expressing how you truly feel.

As scary as it might be to open up and tell someone that you like or love him/her, it might be the bravest and most beautiful thing that you can do.

We all fear rejection and do our best to avoid it, as much as possible. But some rejecting you is not necessarily a reflection of yourself. It doesn’t decrease your value or stress the fact that you are not good enough. Understand that not everyone will like you and that you are not meant to be with every person you take a liking to and you will save yourself some trouble.

Tips On How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship

Here is what to keep in mind to overcome insecurities and find the necessary courage:

How To Deal With Insecurities In A RelationshipBreak up with your ego. The bubble that your ego builds around you is a very comfortable one to be in. Whether it’s good talk or bad talk, if you let it, your ego has a way of convincing you of things. Because if you already know the outcome, what’s the point in trying? But the truth of the matter is you don’t know the outcome. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. And if you do ask, and the answer is no, you will have saved yourself both time and heartache.

Stop playing telepath. We oftentimes expect our partners to read our minds. But that only feeds insecurities in a relationship and does both you and your partner, a great disservice. Speak your mind and be open about everything; in turn, you will receive the same treatment. If not, it might be time to reconsider if the relationship is worth it, because honesty and respect are quite important in building any relationship, regardless of its nature.

Leave your mind. If you practice to become more mindful, you will become more able to focus on the other person and what you have and need to say, rather than paying more attention to the thoughts in your head. Your mind can be both a happy or a scary place, so it’s best if you choose wisely which one you prefer.

How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship

Let your heart speak. If and when you choose from your heart, you will start to feel improvement in every aspect of your life. Explain things simply and pour all your honesty and love into them. Speak to your partner the way you would want someone (who loves you) to speak with you. And by practicing self-love, you will also be able to experience real love.

No matter what, you will be okay. The truth of the matter is you have survived some of your worst days so far. Even though they might not be pretty, rejection and failure have something valuable to offer: lessons. If you try  many things and open your heart to new possibilities, you will be able to overcome any insecurities. Shape yourself to be the best version of yourself.

You only need just an ounce of courage to know How To Deal With Insecurities In A Relationship and speak your mind. After the euphoria has passed, you will be able to take active steps towards improving both your relationship with yourself, and the one with your partner. A relationship that has its foundation in honesty and respect will be a long lasting and satisfying one and will only bring you benefits.


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