Iceberg Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

Iceberg Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

This salad is a classic steakhouse meal opener. Its cold texture opens up your taste buds, giving off the start to a good meal. The decadent blue cheese dressing over the crisp lettuce ties together the ingredients and offers the right taste balance. Here is how you can make this classic salad at home:

blue cheese dressing

  • 1/2 cup of sour cream
  • 1 cup of crumbled blue cheese
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1/3 cup of mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard
  • ½ tsp of kosher salt
  • 12 tsp of ground black pepper

For the salad:

  • 8 strips of bacon
  • 1 large iceberg lettuce
  • ½ red onion
  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes

Iceberg Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing

First of all, take 4 salad plates and place them in the refrigerator to chill. Take the blue cheese and then mash half of it with the back of a fork until it becomes smooth. Add in the sour cream, oil, lemon juice, mayonnaise and black pepper. Give everything a mix until the ingredients are completely combined.

Secondly, add half of the remaining blue cheese and mix it gently, leaving some clumps of cheese from place to place. Cover it and refrigerate while you move on to prepare the salad. Take some plates and line them with 2 layers of paper towels.

Cook the bacon in a single layer in a large frying pan over high heat. Turn it onto the other side to make sure that it crisps evenly. Transfer it onto the paper towel-lined plates and then set it aside. Core your lettuce and then cut it into quarters through where the core was.

Lastly, place a wedge onto each of the plates that you chilled in the fridge. Chop the onions and tomatoes and divide them among the plates too. Spoon out 3 tablespoons of the blue cheese dressing on top of each wedge. Scatter the cheese that you have left over them. Crumble the bacon on top, and serve immediately.


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