Include These Superfoods in Your Diet

Include These Superfoods in Your Diet

You may have heard of the term “superfoods” before, but what exactly does it refer to? There is no precise definition of it, but it has to do with foods that pack more vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants than others. Eating these superfoods can reduce your risk of certain health conditions and even prolong your life. If you want to know more about superfoods and their benefits, read below:

Include These Superfoods in Your Diet


Tomatoes. They are packed with lycopene, a substance that is very rarely encountered in other fruits or vegetables. Lycopene has the ability to protect your skin against UV rays, prevent certain cancers and even lower your cholesterol levels.

Red cabbage. Packed with iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C and K, red cabbage is definitely on the list of superfoods. High in fiber and containing anti-cancer properties, there is no reason to not include it in your diet. Being a versatile ingredient, you can use it in a variety of ways and it’s also an ingredient that is available all year long.

Blueberries. You won’t find a greater source of antioxidants anywhere. You can use blueberries to fight against free radicals and protect yourself against age related conditions such as Alzheimer’s. You can make smoothies, pies, jams and fruit salads with blueberries and you get all of this superfoods’ benefits.

Include These Superfoods in Your Diet

Kale. This leafy green might prove to be a serious rival for spinach. According to research, kale contains a phytonutrient that is efficient in fighting against a large number of cancers. Eating your greens has more benefits than you may have initially thought.

Broccoli. Although it may not have been your favorite as a child, now you should consider eating more of it. Cruciferous vegetables are perfect in your fight against cancers and they can also boost your immunity. However, make sure not to boil your broccoli, because it may lose some of its nutrients. You can either serve it raw or steamed, as a side dish.

In conclusion, all of these superfoods have only benefits to offer you. Add variety to your diet by including them in your meals and stay healthy longer.


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