Is Black Tea Caffeine Free?

Is Black Tea Caffeine Free?

If you drink black tea regularly, you probably ask yourself if Is Black Tea Caffeine Free. Well, there are a lot of factors that influences the amount of caffeine in it. If you have a condition against caffeine, you can anytime buy a Decaf Black Tea. It is very popular these days. Also, if you drink moderate amounts of black tea, it shouldn’t affect you at all.

Is Black Tea Caffeine Free

            Is Black Tea Caffeine Free?

You should know how caffeinated is black tea before drinking. Of course, there isn’t an exact method to determine how much caffeine is in a cup of tea. But the studies shown that if you steep your tea for 3 minutes, there are between 20 and 22mg of caffeine in it. But a five-minute steeping time can double this amount to 40-42mg per cup. Also, a longer steeping time can increase the amount of caffeine. But is not recommended to steep black tea more than five minutes. This can give a bitter taste to tea.

If you suffer from insomnia or other caffeine related diseases, you can consider replacing black tea with green tea. Green tea has almost the same properties as black tea. But the caffeine levels in it are at half. A cup of green tea contains only 8-16mg of caffeine. This is a result from 3 to 5 minutes steeping time.

If you are just curious about Caffeine in Black Tea you can drink it without problem. But if your body refuses the caffeine, you should look for natural black tea. The studies shown that a natural or organic black tea has lower caffeine levels.

Hopefully I asked to the question “Is Black Tea Caffeine Free?”. Naturally you can’t find a caffeine free tea. But there are a few options for a lower caffeine levels or even caffeine free. The only problem with the caffeine free teas is that they are processed to extract all the caffeine from them.

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