Is Iced Tea Healthy for You?

Is Iced Tea Healthy for You?

Is iced tea healthy for you? This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially if they want to make the switch from soda. Drinking carbonated drinks too often is not good for your health. Studies suggest that soda has so much sugar that you should only drink is during special occasions. On the other hand, a glass of iced tea might be better for you. It all depends on how sweet it is and how you prepare it. It might even have health benefits.

Is unsweetened iced tea healthy for you? Usually, the sugar content in something is what makes it most unhealthy. Therefore, whenever possible, try to choose unsweetened tea. This does not mean that it should not contain sugar. You can add a little bit of it, but no more than a teaspoon. If you are really proud of giving up soda but you add sugar to your tea, then cut the celebration short! For those that mind their calorie intake, we have good news for you! Unsweetened tea has practically no calories! One cup of it has around two calories, meaning you have nothing to worry about.

Is Iced Tea Healthy for You?Is Iced Tea Healthy for You

You should consider using more natural sweeteners for your tea. Not many people like the taste but you learn to love it. In addition to this, by using sweeteners like honey you get more benefits. Natural and unsweetened tea has lots of antioxidants that help you in many areas. They can help fight free radical damage as well as slow down the sings of aging. Research says that iced tea can be an aid in preventing cancer. This is because of the flavonoids it contains. They target the free radicals and destroy them before they can go any damage.

All in all, is iced tea good for you? Yes, it is, when you drink the right amount and don’t go crazy on the sugar. You can always opt for making your own, because it is healthier and you know what goes in it.

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