Joint Mobility Exercises

Joint Mobility Exercises

Strength training and cardiovascular exercises are important for your body, but what about your joints? Sadly, sometimes people forget to properly take care of their joints when exercising. Along with our bones, muscles and tendons, joints are important because they help us walk and offer us mobility. However, unlike other muscles, joints have no blood supply, therefore they rely on movement to function properly. When you don’t exercise your joints, they tend to degenerate. No worries, we have some mobility exercises fit for your joints that you can try!

Joint Mobility Exercises

joint mobility exercises

Backstroke. The joint of your shoulder is the most mobile one in your body, but it can deteriorate over time. Due to improper posture or a lack of exercising, your shoulder joint can suffer some trauma. Therefore, one of the mobility exercises recommended is the backstroke. You begin this exercise by keeping your arms straight by your side. Start by lifting one arm and circle it backwards with a fluid motion for 10-20 repetitions. When you are done, repeat the same motions for the other side.

Neck circles. Because of our sedentary jobs and our bad posture, the joints in our cervical spine have to suffer. You can experience a stiff neck or shoulders from time to time due to a lack of movement. In order to relieve some of that tension, you should do some neck circles from time to time. Start by dropping your head forward, then rotating it gently in one direction, then in the other for about 10 times.

Pelvic circles. The disks in your lumbar spine are designed to absorb the shocks of your body when you run or jump. However, when not exercised properly, they won’t do their job. You can fix this easily with one of the mobility exercises for the pelvis. Stand up and place your feel hip-distance apart. Now, start by rotating your pelvis clockwise 10 times, then switch to the other direction.

Joint Mobility Exercises

Ankle circles. Your ankles also have to be in proper shape, to minimize the risk of injury when walking or running. Therefore, make sure to do your ankle circles regularly. Lift up your foot, then slowly rotate your ankle clockwise. Do this for a couple of times then switch to the other foot.

These mobility exercises are not hard to do but they are important for the health of your joints and ligaments. Make sure to stretch and do these exercises properly before a workout to minimize your risk of getting hurt.


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