Lamictal for Anxiety

Lamictal for Anxiety

Lamictal is a mood stabilizer as well as an anticonvulsant. However, the U.S Food and Drug Administration does not approve for people to use this as a treatment for anxiety. However, doctors do recommend it to treat bipolar disorder as well as seizure disorders. Continue reading to find out more about Lamictal for anxiety and its effects on this condition.

When developers created this drug, they tested it to see how it works. In the clinic trials, 4% of the participants reported cases of anxiety as a side effect. However, 3% of the control group also reported anxiety, therefore they consider this to be rare side-effect. Up to now, it seems impractical to use Lamictal for anxiety if it just makes the condition worse. Up to now, Lamictal is not an approved treatment for this condition. However, there are some doctors that do prescribe it. This only happens for patients that have social anxiety disorders or generalized anxiety disorders.

Lamictal for Anxietylamictal for anxiety

There is not enough evidence to state whether Lamictal really does help with anxiety. At least, not enough reliable evidence to show that it helps to a great degree. Recent evidence shows, however, that this drug works for people who suffer from PTSD. This is also a type of anxiety, but its symptoms as well as causes are different.

We should also take a look at how Lamictal works, to understand it better. This is the second drug that the FDA approved as a mood stabilizer for manic and depressive episodes. Doctors also used it to treat seizure disorders, such as epilepsy. What Lamictal does is to decrease the abnormal activity in your brain. This seems to work so far for bipolar disorders and depressive episodes.

In conclusion, it is not a good idea to take Lamictal for anxiety. Best consult with your doctor and get some proper medication for your condition. Preferably one that works for you and does not pose so many side effects.

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