How To Make Lavender Extract

How To Make Lavender Extract

Lavender extract has been used for centuries, either for aromatherapy or infused into oil so you can apply it to skin. A multitude of cultures traditionally use it for its effectiveness as an antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial agent. A pure lavender extract is an extremely versatile ingredient which you can use in many different ways. Soon, lavender will be the new vanilla.

You can use lavender for various dishes, ranging from sweets to steaks. Just add a few drops of lavender extract to cakes, teas, lemonade, brownies, frostings, fruit salads and ice cream. This extract is also an excellent way of enhancing the fragrance of your potpourri! Apart from cooking you can use it for lotion making, as a facial astringent or for aromatherapy. You can induce a deep sleep for a good night’s rest.

How To Make Lavender Extractlavender extract

Here are the steps to make your own natural lavender extract at home. All you have to do is measure your lavender flowers with a kitchen scale. You will need around 4 ounces of them. Chop the fresh flowers until they become small bits. You can also use a food processor or a blender. Put all of the flowers into a small jar.

Secondly, you will need 100 proof vodka. Pour it over the flowers until you cover them 2 inches above. Give everything a stir to combine them well. Now place the lid onto the jar and shake it well. Store the jar into a warm place, allowing it to macerate. Give it a shake daily for about 3 to 6 weeks.

Once the time is up, strain your mixture by using a cheesecloth and discard the flowers. You can keep the strained tincture in a glass bottle, in a cool, dark place. Label the bottle with the date you made it as well as the contents.

If this seems like too much of a hassle, you can always buy the extract from the store. However, when making your own you have the safety of knowing that it’s fresh and it contains only natural ingredients.

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