The MIND Diet

A scientific approach designed to enhance brain function, the MIND diet might be key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Following this diet is thought to improve your brain health and help you preserve your cognitive abilities for longer periods of time.

The MIND diet is an approachable and understandable diet that is easy-to-follow. The aim is to include more of certain foods that contribute to an improvement of memory, concentration and mental function.

Here are some of the foods that the MIND diet include:

Leafy green vegetables. They are packed with all the necessary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Six or more weekly servings of kale, spinach, broccoli or collards could provide you with the greatest brain benefits.

Nuts. A good snack for the brain, nuts contain healthy amounts of fats, fibre and antioxidants. All these positively impact cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Nuts make great in between meals snacks and even mind dietgreater toppings for yogurt or cereals. Include them at least 5 times a week for maximum of benefits.

The MIND Diet

Blueberries. With potent antioxidant properties, blueberries are a great addition to the MIND diet. They also pack significant vitamins and minerals. You can eat them raw or add them to your yogurt or cereals. Alternatively, you can combine them with other fruits for delicious smoothies.

Fish. Consumed once a week, fish could significantly improve brain function. It contains healthy amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. You can opt for sardines, salmon or anchovies. Cook them in the oven or over the grill and enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer.

Wine. One glass of wine a day could positively impact your health and your brain function. Wine contains antioxidants that are beneficial for your brain, heart and bones health.

The MIND diet aims to preserve the health of your brain. Also, to improve brain function and decrease the risk of cognitive decline. In including these foods in your diet more you will be more successful in your efforts. Your health and well-being will only be grateful and will continue to improve.


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