Motivation to Quit Smoking

Motivation to Quit Smoking

Whether you just threw away your last pack of cigarettes or you haven’t smoked in awhile, you still need to be vigilant. Relapsing is a common occurrence and sticking to your resolution is not as easy as you might think. What you need is to find the proper motivation to quit smoking.

Motivation to Quit Smokingmotivation to quit smoking

Find a good reason. In order to stick to your resolution, you need a powerful and personal reason. For example, it could be to protect your family or kids from secondhand smoke. It could also be to lower your chances of getting lung cancer. Choose a reason that is strong enough to outweigh the urge to give in.

Find a support system. Quitting smoking means more than just tossing out your cigarette. Smoking is an addition. Once you quit, you will go through withdrawal. This is why you will need a support system. They will help you when you feel like relapsing.

Consider nicotine-replacement therapy. Due to the nicotine withdrawal, you may get headaches, low energy levels and your mood may suffer. The cravings will be tough. Nicotine-replacement therapy can be a great help in order to curb these urges. Lozenges, nicotine gum or patches improve your chances of succeeding.

Motivation to Quit Smoking

Avoid adopting other bad habits. Lots of people take up other bad habits when trying to quit smoking. However, make sure to not fall victim to other habits. Try to limit your alcohol consumption. Likewise, if you drink coffee, try switching to tea for some time.

Try and try again. Remember that it will not be an easy journey. You will need to try and try again before succeeding. Think of what led to your relapse, such as emotions or circumstances. Once you made your decision, try again.

To sum up, making the decision to quit this unhealthy habit is the first step. Having a good support system in place also helps. Learn to keep at it when you relapse and you are on the good way.


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