Nail Care Tools

Nail Care Tools

When trying to properly care for your nails, you need the optimal tools. Therefore, you need to know your Nail Care Tools before anything else. If you want to know what you can use to care for your nails, we made a list for you. Take note of them and include them in your nail treatment routine for a salon-like effect.

nail care tools

Nail Care Tools

Sponges. Usually these are used for nail art, to create different textures and effects. You can find these at your local beauty store aisle. Even a kitchen sponge works if all else fails. Get some amazing ombre nails by using a sponge.

Dotting tool. Likewise, this is also one of the Nail Care Tools used for nail art. Dip it in polish and make eyes, noses and flower petal designs.

Tweezers. No, these are not for plucking anything. Rather, you use the tweezers to apply small beads or sparkles on your nails.

Cuticle Nippers. Do not let the name deceive you. Your cuticles protect your nail and should not be removed. Use these to cut off your hangnails.

Nail filer. The first step towards a professional looking manicure is to have your nails the same length. After you cut them, use the filer to smoothen out the rough edges. Make sure not to go back and forth with it because you risk damaging your nails. Only go in one direction to avoid tearing.

Nail Care Tools

Toe separators. One of the Nail Care Tools that should not be missing from your kit is the toe separator. This, as its name indicates, is used to separate your toes when doing your pedicure.

Nail clippers. This is the most basic tool that you need in your kit. Different sized clippers are recommended, because you can’t use big ones on really sensitive or small nails.

Manicure bowl. This little bowl is ideal for soaking your nails before a treatment. Also, it looks fancier than using your kitchen bowls for this, right?

Cuticle pusher. You use this in order to push your cuticles up off your nail before painting them. This allows you to paint the whole nail without any smudges.

Become a nail care expert by including these Nail Care Tools into your arsenal. Cut and shape your nails and create special effects on them and impress everyone with your manicure.

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