Nicosia City Break

Nicosia City Break

The capital city of the island of Cyprus, Nicosia is located on the banks of the River Pedieos. Divided in the South and North part, it’s a fantastic place to discover historic sites and enjoy the fairy tale castles and ruins.

Among the most famous landmarks in Nicosia we can include:

The Cyprus Museum. The museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts that date from the Neolithic era to the Byzantine era. It is a definite must-see and with 13 well-divided rooms is an extremely well-thought museum of the history of the island.

The Selimiye Mosque. Located in the North part of the city, the building has been a mosque since the early 16th century. It has an intricate medieval design and fascinates with its typically Gothic interior and details. Visitors are asked to dress decently, while women are required to wear a headscarf.

Ancient Salamis. Cyprus’ most important ancient archaeological sites, it is located 73 kilometers east of Nicosia. The remains date all the way back to the Graeco-Roman and Byzantine eras. The Salamis’ history dates all the way back to the Trojan War and has been under various commands, such as Persian, Roman or Byzantine.nicosia city break

Nicosia City Break

The Buffavento Castle. Located 52 kilometers northeast of the capital city, the building, built during the Byzantine era played an important guarding role along the coastline. The ruins lie in a picturesque location that towers over the forested slopes.

The Venetian Fortifications. Located in the Old part of the capital, the Venetian walls encircle the city. Built as defensive walls around the city, they protected capital against sieges. With a three-kilometer length, the fortifications include Famagusta Gate, Paphos Gate and the Roccas Bastion.

Overall, Nicosia makes up for a very pleasant vacation destination and if you have the possibility to rent or have a car. Make sure you visit the surroundings as well. Glimpses into the past will give you chills and a taste of the ancient times. You can enjoy over 17 white sand beaches and explore the beautiful coastal regions. The city has a pulsating nightlife and an authentically Cypriot architecture and resorts.

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