Phrases to Avoid in a Conversation

Phrases to Avoid in a Conversation

We all say certain things during conversations that could be taken the wrong way. In order to spare you the awkwardness or to prevent you from making a bad impression, we made the following list. Here are some things you should not say in a conversation and how to fix things when you mess up:

Phrases to Avoid in a Conversationconversation

You look tired. This implies that they do not look good and it might upset them. Instead, try a more tactful approach and say: “Is everything ok?” Usually we blurt out the “tired” part when things seem out of sorts. Try asking, instead.

I could never wear that. Again, they might misunderstand as you implying that their outfit is ugly. To fix this, you can add: “ Because I am not confident enough to pull it off”. Or even: “Because I do not have your figure”.

This might sound stupid but… It probably isn’t. Do not undermine your own ideas. Always say what’s on your mind and reinforce credibility.

Do you think I would fit in here? When it comes to conversation during interviews, this is one thing you are better off not asking. Instead, try to phrase it as such: “What are the best things about working here?”

Phrases to Avoid in a Conversation

I’m glad you got rid of him. After a break up, this phrase should not come up in a conversation. You might make them wonder about your pretense of liking their significant other. Say this instead: “ You will find someone better than them.

You were too good for them. Similarly, this phrase could show that they have bad tastes in dating partners. Also, if they make up that will only put you in an embarrassing position.

You always/ You never. During an argument, do not play the blame game. This puts the other person on the defensive and makes a fight even worse. Start talking about how you feel about a certain situation, not about what they did.

In conclusion, these are some of the things that you should avoid saying in certain situations. Do not add fuel to the fire and act as tactfully as you can. It will spare you lots of embarrassing moments or arguments.

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