Pregnant Women Healthy Diet

Pregnant Women Healthy Diet

If you are pregnant, you should ask yourself what is good and what is bad for your diet. Nutrition is the key for Pregnant Women Healthy Diet. This means there are a few foods you should avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A pregnant woman needs more folic acid, iron, protein and calcium. Here are best foods to eat during pregnancy:

Pregnant Women Healthy Diet

Pregnant Women Healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables are great for pregnant women. These contain a lot of natural minerals, vitamins and fibre.

Lean protein supports the baby’s growth. The best and healthy protein sources are found in meat, poultry, fish, beans, milk, cheese and eggs.

Whole grains are also a very important source of energy. These provides for your body fibre, iron and vitamin B. You should avoid eating normal flour products. Instead, you should add to your diet whole grains products. Such as: pasta, bread and brown rice.

Dairy products are great sources of calcium, vitamin D and protein. You can eat dairy products for 2-3 times a day without a problem.

But there are a few products you should avoid or limit during pregnancy:

Caffeine is one of them. Try to limit your caffeine intake, cut your daily dosage in half. A 2010 study show that a cup of coffee is more than enough for a pregnant woman.

Fish is a source of lean protein, but you should limit or avoid white fish. Such as white tuna. This fish has high levels of mercury. But, if you like tuna, you can eat canned light tuna.

Alcohol is definitely a problem during pregnancy. The alcohol from your blood can pass directly to the baby. Alcohol consumption can affect the baby and create many disorders. Including physical problems.

Now you are ready to build a Pregnant Women Healthy Diet by yourself. If you follow these advices, you will have no problem during pregnancy.

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