Radio Frequency Beauty Treatment

Radio Frequency Beauty Treatment

The Radio Frequency beauty treatment is a technology used to tighten the skin in a non-surgical manner. It is also used to treat wrinkles or sagging skin. Usually, the people who opt for it are those that do not want a surgical procedure. RF treatments are primarily used to treat skin laxity, and it is well-suited to patients that have mild to moderate sagging tissues. These patients are usually between 30 to 50 years old, of any skin color.

Radio Frequency Beauty TreatmentRadio frequency beauty treatment

The radio frequency treatment has a long history of use, of over 70 years even. Gradually, the use of it in cosmetology, dermatology and ENT procedures started to gain momentum. RF surgery uses a wave of electrons to cause a heating of the facial tissues due to friction. However, due to the recent developments in cryogenics, we now have other methods.

With the aid of cryogenics, now we can use RF energy for the deep dermis, while, at the same time, protecting the epidermis. Heating in this area can cause microscopic changes to the collagen contraction. Over the months that will pass, you will see a change in its structure.

Most commonly, this treatment is used for under the eyes, cheeks, the forehead, jawline and neck area. For the forehead area, it can tighten the skin in the area and lift the eyebrows. Under the eyes it tightens the skin and lifts the upper cheek skin. For the jawline, it diminishes the sagging in the area.

Radio Frequency Beauty Treatment

If there is a significant amount of sagging or wrinkles, as it is the case in older patients, the procedure may not show significant improvement. In order to get the desired effect, a brow lift operation may be recommended.

When combined with other methods, as discussed above, RF can enhance the effects and make them longer lasting. These treatments include photorejuvenation, hair removal, vascular problems and even cellulite and acne treatment.

Some people can experience a mild redness immediately after the treatment. However, it will disappear quickly. You can use certain soothing lotions or creams for the area, or moisturizing mists.

All in all, the radio frequency beauty treatment is an innovation on the market. It shows good results on mild wrinkles and sagging skin, without having side effects. Therefore, if you want to give it a try, feel free to do so.


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