The Many Benefits of Raspberry Seed

The 5 Benefits of Raspberry Seed

We all hate it when we get raspberry seed stuck in our teeth. But do not push away these little fragrant fruits just because of that. The once annoying raspberry seeds have lots of amazing benefits for you. You probably did not even know how much they can help you. For once, the have lots of dietary fiber, fatty acids and antioxidants. Thus, you get lots of health benefits from them. Let’s see what else they can do!

Fatty acids. Do not let the word ‘fat’ trick you. This is the good type, which your heart needs to stay healthy and function properly. Include more of it in your diet.

Anti-cancer effects. Raspberry seed contains substances that can lower the chances of you developing cancer. In 2004, researchers discovered that a mix of berry extracts can help inhibit tumor growth. Antioxidants from blueberries and raspberries can work wonders. Who knew that you could fight cancer in such a delicious way? We do not know for sure if raspberries can do this on their own, but, regardless, the possibility is there.

Vitamins. Because how can they not? Raspberry seeds are full of antioxidants and vitamins. You should definitely include more in your diet and see how they can change your life. Raspberries are versatile and you can easily consume them, be it fresh or in smoothies.

The Many Benefits of Raspberry SeedThe Many Benefits of Raspberry Seed

Fiber. You need lots of fiber for a proper digestion and to keep away food cravings. Just a single cup of raspberries contains around 8 grams of fiber. This means more than 30% than your daily intake of fiber. Most of it comes from the seeds themselves, not the fruit. By getting enough fiber you can regulate cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels.

Full of antioxidants. Antioxidants can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. In addition to this, they can reduce the damage of free radicals and oxidative stress.

And there you have it! Those little pesky bastards can actually do you good too. Now you have to make up for all that time that you hated them.



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