Reasons to Stop Binge Eating

Reasons to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating might be satisfying for the moment, but it usually causes unnecessary discomfort. Studies have shown that binge eating usually happens after being on a strict diet or rebounding after certain food restrictions. But stuffing your stomach with food past the point of full might not be such a good idea. Nor what you are really looking for. So, the best way to avoid overeating is paying more attention to your practices and be more mindful about what you eat.

Here are some reasons to stop binge eating:

You’ll sleep better. Overeating not only will make it harder for you to fall asleep, but it will also affect your sleep quality. Furthermore, you are more prone to experience thirst or acid reflux. These symptoms will disrupt your sleep patterns, thus hindering you from getting a good night’s sleep.

You’ll know when you’re full. The problem with binge eating is that you reach a point when you don’t know whether you’re hungry or not. But you continue eating. Stopping and being more mindful about what’s going on in binge eatingyour body will help you figure out easier. Both when you are still hungry and satiated.

You’ll be less likely to catch a cold. Overeating puts a lot of stress on your organs. Your body must supplement glucose and insulin production in order to digest all the food that you’re ingesting. In turn, this overburdens your immune system. So, you will be more vulnerable and prone to catching illnesses.

Reasons to Stop Binge Eating

You’ll be more relaxed. Overeating triggers stress hormones needed to regulate your body’s functions. Binge eating is responsible for spikes and drops in heart rate or insulin levels. Furthermore, you might also experience sweat after indulging in a big meal. Soon after, though, you will also be feeling the crash, that leads to lethargy and irritability.

Your pancreas will be healthier. Overeating on a regular basis sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods overstimulates your pancreas. So, he must supplement insulin production to manage the extra surge of sugar that is flowing through your blood stream. In time, all the extra stimulation will cause your pancreas to not work so efficiently anymore. Although medication might temporarily help, you will put yourself in the way of increased risk for type 2 diabetes.

You’ll be happier. There are little cases documented of people who engage in binge eating on a regular basis and are still happy. If you stick to eating less and less processed foods and more vegetables, fruit and proteins, you will become happier. That, because your hormone levels will be regulated, you will have more energy and experience absolutely no side effects. Of course, you can still enjoy your favourite foods and snacks. Only do it in moderation and by being more mindful about it.

These reasons to stop binge eating are really common sense. They provide the right amount of motivation to start eating healthy. If you manage to find a balance, your health will start to improve. You will begin to feel better, look better and soon enough you will not want to go back to any of the old practices.


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