Relaxation Techniques for Your Body and Mind

Relaxation Techniques for Your Body and Mind

Whenever you are feeling tensed or overwhelmed, practicing some simple relaxation techniques can do wonder for your body and mind. Stress can negatively impact your sleep patterns, can make you feel anxious, lack motivation and, in more severe cases, even depressed. Simple, yet effective relaxation techniques can help you get relief from negative thoughts and emotions and gradually improve your health and productivity.

Here are some relaxation techniques you can try in the comfort of your own home:

Light yoga. With numerous poses and stretches available, yoga is designed to improve your flexibility and mental focus. Just 15 minutes of practicing some basic poses will reduce stress, make you more aware of your thoughts and help you gain clarity.

Breathe deeply. Although it might not seem so important, breathing deeply and being more aware of every breath you take will relieve anxiety and lower your stress hormones level. All you’ll have to do is breathe slowly through your nose, while maintaining your centre of gravity and do so whenever you feel crushed by a thought, feeling or situation.

Laugh regularly. Laughter has not been recognized as the best medicine for nothing. By means of releasing endorphins into the brain, it is one of the best and easiest relaxation technrelaxation techniquesiques. And because your brain cannot make the distinction between fake and real laugh, do it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Relaxation Techniques

Drink black tea. Studies have shown that consuming black tea on a daily basis significantly improves cortisol levels and induces a relaxed mood. All you’ll have to do is enjoy it every morning instead of your coffee and it’ll have a positive impact on your health.

Indulge your creative urges. Focusing on creative activities or something constructive will take your mind off intrusive, negative thoughts. You can write, draw, or start that project that you’ve been putting off for some time now.

Make physical contact with your loved ones. A simple gesture like a hug or a kiss, physical contact with your loved ones is one of the most preferred relaxation techniques. Regular physical contact positively affects your health and releases happy hormones. These will significantly decrease your stress and make you feel lighter and happier.

All in all, these relaxation techniques are simple and easy and they will do wonders. They are free and easily available and you can practice them in the comfort of your own home. Set aside just 30 minutes each evening to relieve yourself from the built-up stress. You will soon start to see your health and mood improve.


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