4 Benefits of Sandalwood Incense

4 Benefits of Sandalwood Incense

By burning sandalwood incense you get a fragrant and woodsy smell that is both pleasant and relaxing. Incense is a much safer alternative than all those chemical air fresheners. You will also get to relieve tension and sleep better at night. These are just some of the benefits of it, however. Continue reading to find out more about them:

Anxiety relief. If you are feeling tense or on edge, then sandalwood will act as a natural relief. Its scent can reduce feelings of anxiety and soothe the mind. This is something that we all need. A study observed the effects of sandalwood incense on women receiving breast biopsies. If it can help them, just imagine what it can do for you. For a better effect, you can try mixing it with lavender.

Better sleep. Due to its stress-relieving effect, sandalwood can make a great sedative. It can calm down your stressed mind and help you get some rest. It is the perfect help after a long day of work. Burn an incense stick while you get ready for bed. It will set the mood perfectly.

4 Benefits of Sandalwood Incense4 Benefits of Sandalwood Incense

Lowers blood pressure. This can come as a surprise but it is true. The relaxing aroma of sandalwood can force your body to calm down, especially when you are worked up. It is also good for your heart. If your blood pressure is too high, then it can damage your heart. By working extra, it will tire itself out.

Speeds up healing. The amazing ability to heal wounds is a true blessing. What it does is activate certain olfactory receptors. In turn, this stimulates keratinocytes, or the skin cells that make keratin. They make up the majority of the outermost layers of skin. This will result in a quicker healing of your wounds.

There are still some precautionary measures you should take. The smoke from incense is still smoke, and it can add to air pollution. This can be dangerous for kids or for elderly people that spend lots of time indoors. Thus, make sure to burn sandalwood incense in moderation.


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