Easy Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment at Home

Easy Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment at Home

Occasionally you may find small bumps appearing on your face or on over parts of your body. These come and go randomly and are not painful. They usually look like a pimple starting to develop, except they don’t. Some people start wondering what they are and worry about them and how to get rid of them. To ease your worries, here is how you can do a sebaceous hyperplasia treatment at home.

Good news is that these pimples are harmless and benign. They usually appear as a result of damaged skin cells. In turn, they cause your oil glands to become overactive and your body deals with it by creating these bumps. These bumps can appear individually or in a cluster, usually on the forehead or the central part of the face.

Sun damage is a well-known factor in sebaceous hyperplasia. Due to it, the skin cells can burn, creating the perfect environment for the condition to prosper. Therefore, always wear a good sunscreen when you go out in the summer.

Easy Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment at HomeEasy Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment at Home

In most cases, this condition will come and go at random. It could also change color and become more pronounced on certain days. There are many treatments available that you can try. Here is an easy sebaceous hyperplasia treatment at home:

A very popular treatment is the one with apple cider vinegar. It works for a multitude of diseases and conditions. This solution can balance your skin’s Ph so you can better manage your sebaceous glands better. This treatment dissolves the overgrowths and prevents them from coming back. If you are allergic to vinegar or don’t like the smell, you can swap it for peppermint oil.

For either option you choose, soak a cotton ball in the solution and dab the afflicted area with it. Repeat until the condition disappears. Do this for a week – if there is no change, seek a doctor’s advice.

There are many treatments available, both natural and medical. It is up to you which option you choose. Just keep in mind that people with more melanin may require different approaches.



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