Senior Trip Ideas

Senior Trip Ideas

Regardless if you are graduating college or high school, you need your senior trip to be unforgettable. After much work and studying you deserve to go on an adventure with your friends. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of our preferred senior trip ideas:

Athens or Rome. With classical art and architecture on display, these two cities are among the most beautiful. Also, the cheapest options for European travel. Awe at the beauty of buildings, fountains, sculptures and paintings and enjoy the delicious food and drinks.

London or Paris. Among the most influential cities from past centuries, they are a great way to get in touch with different cultures and cuisines, as well as being engaged in cultural and learning activities. It is a great way to make your students more aware of their surrounding and of the differences that bring us together nonetheless.

Costa Rica. For the outdoor enthusiasts, it’s great adventure destination. One of Central America’s most interesting countries, Costa Rica offers lots of natural wonders and cultural sites for you to visit. You can also zip line through Costa Rican trees, hike througsenior trip ideash the rain forest. Don’t forget to visit the Arsenal Volcano or the waterfalls!

Senior Trip Ideas

Grand Cayman. For those of you who love sandy beaches and clear ocean water, it is the greatest destination to add to your senior trip ideas. You can freely explore the ocean, lie in the sun on some of the most breathtaking beaches and enjoy majestic sunrises and sunsets.

Egypt. With an impressive ancient history and stunning pyramids, the country is a delight for anybody who passes its threshold. Traces of its medieval heritage reside in the many mosques, churches and Islamic monasteries.

These senior trip ideas are just to get you on your way. Depending on what you and you colleagues and friends like and don’t like, you can choose a more urban or more natural location. The best vacation destination is the one in which you can both learn and have fun. So choose wisely!

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