Skin Cancer Essential Oils

Skin Cancer Essential Oils

There are a lot of side effects of the cancer therapies. Many cancer patients die of the side effects of the treatment, not the actual cancer. You can use these effective Skin Cancer Essential Oils instead of a mainstream therapy. These oils are a natural skin cancer treatment that help fight against various skin cancers:

Skin Cancer Essential Oils

Eggplant Extract. This is a cream with 10% concentration of solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides, that is very effective treatment for keratosis and squamous cell carcinomas. This extract is used since 1825 and the studies shown that is a natural home remedy for benign skin cancers. The whole Solanaceae plant family seems to work in the same way. Other extracts from the same plant family are tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco and bell peppers.

Skin Cancer Essential Oils

Myrrh Oil can treat a wide range of diseases. In the past, the price of gold determined its value. You can use this oil for any type of skins without a carrier oil. But if you have a sensitive skin you may apply it with a coconut oil or any carrier oil. And you can apply this oil directly on tumours.

Black Raspberry Seed Oil. This oil is very different because it helps overcome cancer and because and boosts the immune system. This oil targets the tumour itself, making it a potent alternative for prevention and treatment.

Frankincense Oil is used for thousands of years as a rare natural healing agent. Many studies shown the ability of this oil to help combat various cancers such as skin tumours and breast cancer. This oil contains 17 active agents that targets the tumours and fights against them.

To apply these Skin Cancer Essential Oils you need just a few drops of your favourite and Eggplant Extract. Combine 2-3 drops of essential oil in one tablespoon of eggplant extract. Then simply apply this mix on the affected area as much you need.

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