What is a Good Substitute for Turmeric?

What is a Good Substitute for Turmeric?

Turmeric is a very unique ingredient, with a distinctive smell and flavor that is very difficult to replicate. If you run out of it and you desperately need it for one of your meals, then it can be a problem. Thus, if you need a quick substitute for turmeric for some reason or another, we came to your help. As unique as the flavor is, there are some replicas that work well. Here is a list of ingredients that you can use when you are in a pinch:

Cumin. In the event that you need an ingredient with a bit of a bitter taste, then turn to cumin. It is the perfect choice. It has an earthy flavor that can mimic the taste of turmeric really well. Try it out and see if it works. If not, move on to the next ingredient on the list.

Saffron. If you want your food to also get the beautiful turmeric color, then you won’t get it from the next ingredients. However, saffron can help you out in that regards too. If you want your dishes to have that vibrant, yellow color, use saffron. Its flavor is a bit different than that of the turmeric but it can still work.

What is a Good Substitute for Turmeric?What is a Good Substitute for Turmeric

Curry. This is probably one of the most basic substitutes. Many people reach for it when they run out of turmeric. Why? The reason is quite simple, actually. The majority of curry powders contain several spices blended together. Yes, you guessed it. One of those ingredients is turmeric.

Ginger. This one has a spicy taste that can complement a whole array of dishes. Feel free to try it if you feel like it can work. However, try to only use it sparingly. There will be a difference in flavor. While the tastes can be similar, for some it might ruin the dish.

All in all, there is a substitute for turmeric out there. You just have to try it and see if it works. Or pray you won’t run out of turmeric in the first place. Choose your spices wisely, because they can either make or break a dish.



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