Surprising Benefits of Stout Beer

Surprising Benefits of Stout Beer

There is a wide range of dark beers, and they include assortments such as: porters, brown ales, stout beer and others. From their creamy flavor to a nutty or chocolaty taste, there seems to be more diversity when it comes to dark beers. They also tend to be more filling and heavier than their lighter counterparts. However, moderate beer consumption has been linked to a wide array of health benefits, which include an intake of vitamin B and a reduced risk of kidney stones.

Here are some benefits of stout beer that you may not have known about:

Surprising Benefits of Stout Beerstout beer

It contains less calories than regular beer. Due to its thick and frothy consistency, it’s no wonder that people think it has more calories. In addition to this, dark beers also tend to pack more alcohol content than other beers. However, the truth is that dark beer is lighter and will make friends with your waistline. A mug of stout beer can have up to 50 calories less than other types of brews. What other excuse than that do you need to clink mugs?

It helps reduce blood clotting. Another good reason to consume stout is that the flavonoids in it can reduce the risk of blood clots. By consuming dark beer in moderation you can help fight the damage done by free radicals.

Surprising Benefits of Stout Beer

It complements a wide array of dishes. Who said that food has to be paired up only with wine? Stout it perfect for foods such as steak. They have roasted and caramelized flavors that go extremely well with the char on the meat.

It has a high iron content. In addition to these other benefits, stout is packed with iron. Many researchers believe that this could be a result of the malt and hops from it’s composition. An important component of the human body is iron, it being essential to life. Your body needs iron in order to carry the oxygen to the bloodstream, among other things. Moreover, women tend to have higher iron deficiencies, therefore, drink up, ladies.

All in all, taking all of these benefits into consideration, there is no reason to not order a beer the next time you go out.

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